From 3D scan to re-engineered physical models

Through a flexible process and quality orientation, we thrive to be the best possible engineering services partner for our clients. Our philosophy is simple, we only sell the equipment we are using in which over the 8 years of operation we have gained an excellent in-depth knowledge of. Our team is 100% enthusiastic professionals working daily to be among the best in their field.

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Aquired data can be used to:
  1. Create a CAD-model
  2. Take measurements
  3. Inspect

Who is using?

Our 3D scanning services are currently being used by both small and large companies in our neighbouring countries. Most known of them are Wisefab, Cipax, and TalTech. They have found the benefit of 3D scanning in their modern product development and quality control workflows.


Need help creating a 3D model from a damaged or worn detail?

We can Scan any object and create a new 3D model for you.

Our clients about us

TalTech, Tarmo Velsker

A collaborative, flexible and highly professional partner in 3D scanning.

Metec, Toomas Saaroja

3D scanning at Metec - highway from product design to desired results


  1. Accelerated development process saves time and gives an advantage over competitors.

  2. Confidence to your clients that your products are of high quality and meet the needed requirements.

  3. Increased accuracy equates fewer prototypes and defective products.

  4. Acquired data is useful in future development processes.


We are offering various services for the manufacturing industry: 3D scanning, CNC milling, Reverse Engineering, Digital Inspection and Photogrammetry. Please have a closer look at our services and ask for a personal offer.

Reverse Engineering

3D model creation from 3D scan data.

What You get?

We can create a CAD-model from 3D scan data.

3D scanning is the fastest way to collect measurement data of an existing item. We can use the data to develop a Parametric CAD model of the object.

Prototyping has never been as easy!

How it's done?

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How companies have benefited from 3D scanning

3D scanning

3D scanning is the fastest and most accurate way to reproduce a complicated existing part.

3D scanned data can be used for:

Take measurements



3D scanning gives us an accurate 3D mesh of the existing part. This 3D mesh is in the correct scale, and it can be used to take measurements, inspect or to create a new CAD-model.

How it's done?

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More services

Hardware and Software

Eight years ago, we started as a 3D scanning service provider with the same brands we are using to this day. What separates us from any other hardware or software seller is the fact that we use the same equipment in our everyday work. We have done it for a long time, and we have never regretted our decision. Our experience of using the brands ourselves every single workday gives us the confidence to say that we know the products inside-out. We are confident when we say that we are offering you the best portable measurement devices and the best CAM system on the planet.

Metrology Products

The easiest 3D scanning experience, generating fast and reliable measurements.

Portable CMM coordinate measuring machines

Metrology-grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in.), high repeatability and traceable certificate.

Automated quality control solutions

Complete control of the measuring process automatically generated inspection reports.

Optical coordinate measuring system

Metrology-grade measurements: Benefit from accuracy levels of up to 0.015 mm as well as high repeatability

Which product is the best for You?

Contact us, and our dedicated specialist will help You.

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CAD/CAM Software

The software Creaform has developed in-house to complement its scanners is powerful yet easy to use. The philosophy is simple: keep only the features that are needed. Skip everything that’s not. There are no bells and whistles you don’t need. It is easy to learn and fast to operate, the perfect tools for on-site reports and model preparation.

Inspection software

CAD data to SCAN data comparison software

Reverse modelling software

3D Scan data to CAD conversion software

CAM software with advanced automation capability.

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Prices are project-based, rough estimates:

  • Engineering services:   60€ +VAT
  • 3D Scanning:                  90€ +VAT
  • Product design and Class-A surface modelling: upon agreement