HandyProbe Next™

This metrology inspection solution enables manufacturers to eliminate workflow inefficiency and avoid wastage

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Portable 3D measurement technologies have been designed for manufacturers and production managers to provide significantly greater flexibility and efficiency during the performance of the on-site quality control (QC) operations. The measurement accuracy provided by the portable CMM HandyPROBE Next™ is insensitive to the instabilities of any environment. Free of any rigid measurement setup, our handheld CMM leaves behind the traditional transportable CMMs designed for productive purposes. The C-Track optical tracker and the wireless probe can move at any time within the sequence of measurement and produce the same top-quality data.

The portable CMM, HandyProbe Next™, makes highly accurate measurements possible directly on the shop floor


– Inspection and Quality Control

  • Part-to-CAD analysis
  • First article and supplier quality inspection
  • Conformity assessment of 3D models against original parts/production tooling
  • Conformity assessment of manufactured parts against the originals
  • Alignment
  • Tooling certification
  • Multi-shot measurements (up to 30 points/s)
  • Complete free-form inspection and high-density colour map when used with a MetraSCAN 3D

– Reverse Engineering

  • Reverse engineering of geometric entities (spheres, cylinders, and planes)
  • Faster and more accurate reverse engineering of mixed parts (geometrical and free-form) when used with a MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanner


  • Specification and features can be found HERE

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  • Daily rate: 900€ +VAT

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