HandySCAN 3D™

HandySCAN 3D™- Metrology grade and truly portable 3D scanners delivering high-precision measurements.

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As the fastest portable 3D laser scanner on the market HandySCAN 3D™ ensures the highest measuring rate and accuracy while remaining extremely user-friendly. It provides stable and repeatable outcomes under all operational environments, resulting in greater profitability and reducing the performance time.

  • Truly portable and faster than ever
  • Metrology-grade accuracy and resolution
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use

The synergy of Accuracy, Versatility and Portability

The HandySCAN 3D™ line-up sets the standard in metrology-grade 3D scanning. Through streamlining this third-generation 3D scanner, all demands of designers, manufacturers and metrologists were satisfied. Now, the specialists have the most efficient and reliable tool to get precise 3D measurements of physical objects anywhere.

This fast and versatile patented handheld 3D scanner is easy-to-use and delivers stiffly accurate and reproducible results even in complex environments and on any surfaces.

Precise, Reliable & High-resolution 3D Measurements

HandySCAN 3D generates precise, high-resolution and reproducible outcomes, regardless of the quality of the measurement settings and user experience. Due to the dynamic binding, both the scanner and the part can move during the measurement while still providing accurate and high-quality scanning.

  • Accuracy: 0.025 mm (0.0009 in)
  • Volumetric accuracy: 020 + 0.040 mm/m (0.0008 in + 0.0005 in/ft)
  • Reliable acceptance test: Based on the VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standard, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • High resolution for fine details
Scanning with Creaform’s products is like drawing a picture where you hold a scanner instead of a brush and the canvas is replaced by a computer screen. Scan, look at the screen and repeat until the result is perfect.



This handheld 3D scanner is a stand-alone unit that does not require a tripod or any external tracking device for operation. Just put it in a small suitcase and bring it with you anywhere. The scanner performance remains the same in any workflow environment.

  • Lightweight 94 kg (2.1 lb)
  • Self-positioning with dynamic referencing
  • Fits into a suitcase
  • Bring it anywhere you need

Faster 3D Scanning Process

The HandySCAN 3D scanner includes several laser crosses and an automatic mesh generation, ensuring a faster workflow from the configuration process to the scanning and then to the file!

  • Ready-to-use files
  • High measurement rate: Up to 1,300,000 measurements/s
  • Large scanning area of 11 laser crosses
  • Quick setup: Up-and-running in less than 2 minutes

Simplicity and Versatility

The user-friendly interface and ergonomic design of this 3D measurement solution ensure the ease of use and a short learning period. Its versatility makes it possible to scan the object of varying sizes and different surfaces in real-time by the same device.


Looking for an advanced portable metrology-grade 3D scanner to control the quality or develop products?

Our experts will select the best 3D measurement solution matching your needs!

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