MaxSHOT 3D™ – Your best shot at large-scale metrology projects 

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Creaform’s MaxSHOT 3Dlineup is a game-changer for product development, manufacturing, quality control and inspection teams that need the highest measurement accuracy and repeatability as much for large‑scale projects than for parts from 2 to 10 m. Imagine achieving accuracy better than 0.015mm/m!

Thanks to its sophisticated user guidance technology and easy‑to‑use software, the MaxSHOT 3Dis ideal for users of all levels – even non‑metrology experts – so that you gain peace of mind knowing your measurements are always right on the dot and you increase process efficiency.

If you consistently work on large‑scale projects, the MaxSHOT 3D is your go-to solution to slash budget-busting measurement mistakes, improve product quality, increase process efficiency – and minimize overall operating costs.


– Inspection and quality control

  • Part-to-CAD analysis
  • First article and supplier quality inspection
  • Conformity assessment of 3D models against original large parts/production tooling
  • Conformity assessment of large manufactured parts against the originals
  • Alignment Tooling certification
  • Full free-form inspection and high‑density colour map when used with a 3D scanner

– Reverse engineering

  • Reverse engineering of geometrical entities (spheres, cylinders, planes)
  • Faster and more accurate reverse engineering of large mixed parts (geometrical and free‑form) when used with 3D scanner


  • Specification and features can be found HERE

VXelements: Creaform’s 3D software platform and application suite

3D scanning CMMs are supplied with Creaform’s VXelements™, which is a driving force of all our 3D scanning and measurement technologies. It merges all the essential tools needed for the data collection into a user‑friendly, streamlined and impeccable working environment. A simple but efficient 3D scanning is possible due to its real-time visualization capacities.

The users of automated applications can benefit from the productivity interface providing real-time performance indicators.

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Prices are project-based, rough estimates:

  • Engineering services:   60€ +VAT
  • 3D Scanning:                  90€ +VAT
  • Product design and Class-A surface modelling: upon agreement