5-axis CNC milling

All of our work shown here have been milled with a single operation. We specialize in high-quality aluminium CNC milling and low-volume aluminium components production. We are capable of manufacturing 5 axis parts up to 650x650x420mm or more significant 3 axis parts he plate and sheet type material up to 1020x700x200mm.

3D scanning

During our nine years of operation, we have scanned many different details in 3D, unfortunately not all of them fit into the gallery. However, we can show you a small selection of works.

Reverse Engineering

Thanks to world-class equipment and long-term experience, we can digitally copy and repair the original object and convert the resulting measurements to the exact form the customer wants. Reverse engineering is the desire to recreate the original intent of the designer.


Customer reviews

Metec, Toomas Saaroja

3D scanning at Metec - highway from product design to desired results

Composite Plus, Tanel Šmalko

Amper Engineering has repeatedly assisted us in checking the accuracy of various product forms and models to provide our partners with confidence that the products we produce are of high quality and meet the required parameters.

TalTech, Tarmo Velsker

A collaborative, flexible and highly professional partner in 3D scanning.

Price inquiry

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Send us information about Your project and we will reply in 48h to discuss the best approach and pricing.

Prices are project-based, rough estimates:

  • Engineering services:   60€ +VAT
  • 3D Scanning:                  90€ +VAT
  • Product design and Class-A surface modelling: upon agreement