3D scanning - the cornerstone for most of our services

We are capable of measuring most of our jobs to an accuracy of at least 0.025mm. 3D scanning gives us an accurate point cloud of an existing object that is scalable and usable for inspection, creating a new CAD model or taking measurements.

Who´s using?

3D scanning possibilities:

Taking measurements



3D scanning

It’s a process where a modern measuring device is used to capture the shape of an object. Instead of using traditional measuring tools like callipers, micrometres, and rulers, we are using our metrology grade 3D scanners. Traditional methods give you a dimension of just 2 points. 3D scanning gives you an accurate representation of the whole visible surface area in a format that is easy to use and understandable by everyone.

Experienced engineers get you better results

3D scanning reminder

3D scanning is a process that needs precision. To deliver a high-quality result we have put together a small helper that should help you to understand all the important aspects of 3D scanning that need attention. Please open reminder by clicking HERE

Best in the Region

In order to our CAD model to meet our customers’ expectations, our engineers complement themselves abroad every year.We want to stay the best in 3D modelling in the region.

Customer reviews

Metec, Toomas Saaroja

3D scanning at Metec - highway from product design to desired results

Composite Plus, Tanel Šmalko

Amper Engineering has repeatedly assisted us in checking the accuracy of various product forms and models to provide our partners with confidence that the products we produce are of high quality and meet the required parameters.

TalTech, Tarmo Velsker

A collaborative, flexible and highly professional partner in 3D scanning.


During our seven years of operation, we have scanned many different details in 3D, unfortunately not all of them fit into the gallery. However, we can show you a small selection of works.

Who´s using?

Our 3D scanning and modeling services are used by both large and small companies in our neighboring countries. The most known of them are Wisefab, Metec, and TalTech. They have found 3D scanning to be useful in modern product development and quality control.

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Prices are project-based, rough estimates:

  • Engineering services:   60€ +VAT
  • 3D Scanning:                  90€ +VAT
  • Product design and Class-A surface modelling: upon agreement