Digital Inspection for products

Allows you to find defects and shortcomings. We can compare the data of the scanned object to the CAD model used in production to highlight the differences of the original model and the produced part.

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Inspection possibilities:

Quality control

Taking measurements

First article inspection

Digital Inspection for products

With the help of 3D scanning, we are able to offer the inspection service where we compare the data from the real object to the production CAD model.

Inspection report shows the differences between the original model and the produced part in a transparent manner, this allows identifying production defects and shortcomings. It is possible to compare the inspected component scan to a CAD model, a 2D drawing, or another scan of a known ideal component often known as a „Golden part“.The report we are delivering will give a clear-cut indication of problem areas. It features a colour map to understand the deviation of the component over its whole surface area, sectional views to clarify where the defect starts from, and a part alignment sheet that ensures that our own work is of high quality.




Inspection Possibilities:

Inspection Possibilities:
  • Scan to Scan
  • Scan to Drawing
  • Scan to CAD model
Software Possibilities:
  • Color Map
  • Section Lines
  • GD&T

Customer reviews

Metec, Toomas Saaroja

3D scanning at Metec - highway from product design to desired results

Composite Plus, Tanel Šmalko

Amper Engineering has repeatedly assisted us in checking the accuracy of various product forms and models to provide our partners with confidence that the products we produce are of high quality and meet the required parameters.

TalTech, Tarmo Velsker

A collaborative, flexible and highly professional partner in 3D scanning.

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Prices are project-based, rough estimates:

  • Engineering services:   60€ +VAT
  • 3D Scanning:                  90€ +VAT
  • Product design and Class-A surface modelling: upon agreement