Creating 3D Models from photographs using trigonometric equations: Used when it's not physically possible to scan an object due to its size, or when a scanned object needs to be saved with extremely high detail.

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Photogrammetry possibilities:

Color capture

High detail for small items

Volume estimation


Photogrammetry is a service for a high level of detail 3D models. For the creation of 3D models, we use a digital camera instead of a 3D scanners. The principle is relatively simple, many photos of the target object are taken from multiple angles. Then the exact same position is found on the overlapping images. From there the marked coordinate location is calculated through trigonometry calculations. If a rough model is completed, then the software can find additional points on its own. We use photogrammetry mostly for massive items that need low detail or small things that require extremely high detail, like the bees we scanned for the victims of communism memorial in Maarjamäe where twenty-thousand of the bees we have photographed, were 3d printed in metal. The benefit of photogrammetry is saving accurate colour data, but the downside is a significantly longer capturing process.

Photogrammetry Examples

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